Complaint Free Monday

There was an “experiment” run on Twitter today – maybe you knew about it?  It is called #ComplaintFreeMonday and the concept is to only speak (tweet) positive things throughout the day.  Instead, we were encouraged to seek out the positive and share it, leaving the negative out of our environment for the day.

This is a mini-example of the Complaint-Free Life though I’m not sure that CFL inspired CFM.

While I was working -and busy – most of the day, I did take time to notice positive things in my day:

  • one client showed up in fabulous fitting skin-tight stretch shorts  And BRAGGED about how thrilled she was to feel good wearing them.  (btw- no, she’s not in her mid-20s.  She’s in her late 60s.  And so thrilled to be showing off her body again).
  • one person I left a message for actually called me back.
  • it was comfortable in the gym, where we’re having a heatwave outside.
  • traffic wasn’t too bad.

You know, I think I felt more positive today because of that perspective.

Are you on Twitter?  If so, may I encourage you to join me NEXT WEEK for #ComplaintFreeMonday?  (and leave your handle in the comments so I can be sure I’m following you.  Me?  Not too surprising I’m #debroby).


3 responses to “Complaint Free Monday

  1. Hmm, I did not hear about this experiment. Perhaps I shouldn’t have started the day by bitching about the heat accompanied by a good dose of body self-loathing. It wasn’t my finest moment. How ’bout Complaint Free Tuesday? I can hack that. I just had a massage. ;-)

  2. I love this idea! I generally try not to complain too much on Twitter and Facebook (Who wants to listen to a negative Nelly whine all the time?), but I will try extra hard on Mondays for now on!

  3. I had no idea this was happening — love it! I won’t be on Twitter on Monday, but once I return from Burning Man, I shall try to remember to participate.

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