It’s September, already?

It’s September, already?  Time to take a look at the month ahead and set some reasonable goals for myself.  Since I will be having surgery in just a few days, most of my goals will have to be different than what I would LIKE to see:

1. Cardio – 30-45 minutes 5x a week.  I know that the anesthesia is going to make me fuzzy-brained and that cardio is the one trick to metabolize it and get it out of my system.  As much as I do not like steady state cardio, it’s gotta get done this month.

2. Get back to eating more fresh veggies.  Five servings minimum a day most days.  I’m planting my fall veggie garden to help out with this in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, the Farmer’s Markets are still rolling strong and the best bet for veggies.

3. Two servings of fruit a day.  I’m not sure if this is a goal or a limit – but it’s where I’m choosing to hang this.

4. Organize one room in the house.  I will be home for several days recovering, and I know I won’t feel like doing anything those days- but there will be other times.  And there are a couple rooms in the house begging for some organization.  Also?  Start planting the new yard.

What are your goals?


One response to “It’s September, already?

  1. Good luck with your surgery! And thanks for the goal reminder, too. That’s a shortcoming of mine.

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