I’ve been really quiet lately with several things on my plate that kept me from posting much.

  1. I came home from BlogHer in early August with a hella head cold.  Took a lot out of me for a couple weeks.  About the time I was starting to feel better,
  2. I flew to Denver for my brother’s wedding.  Nothing happened, but it pulled my attention in a different direction.  And I still had a “throat tickle” cough left over from the cold.
  3. Now I’m figuring that the cough was more allergy than anything.  And my doctor agreed when I saw her for a
  4. Pre-Op visit.  Because a week ago I finally had some simple repair done on my damaged shoulder.  It was a simple surgery -short and sweet- where they cleaned up some bone spurs to make things slide a bit more easily in the shoulder.
  5. Then several days of pain meds (hello tylenol and codeine) that left me barely able to communicate well.

I’m healing now and hope to get back on the blogging horse right quickly.  In about a month to 6 weeks I should get the OK to start lifting again and then my mojo will definitely kick in. (crosses fingers)


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