The Truth- It’s bad but not too bad.

This morning I stepped on the scale predicting the results. I am now the same weight I was when I began this fitness journey over 4 years ago. Months of limited activity because of my shoulder injury have taken a toll on my body.

I’ve watched the scale going up and I’ve been getting disheartened. I’ve started going back to try and determine THE TRUTH on where I stand today. I’ve (mostly) tracked my foods and macronutrient intakes this past week. I’ve worn my BodyBugg again to determine my real caloric burn. I’ve analyzed the information.

It sucks. No delicate way to say that.

When I spend a day sitting on the couch reading, knitting, watching tv, healing, my sorry post-menopausal body is burning only 1440 calories a day; sitting, I burn about .8k/minute and walking about 1.5calories. Most days- if I eat when I’m hungry and consume a reasonable amount of protein, vegetables and fruits – I eat about 1700 calories a day.

No surprise why the weight has packed back on.

But there are surprises here.

Yesterday I did a half-hour of cardio and an hour of weight training- burning more like 3 calories a minute instead of the .8 I burn just sitting on my butt. And the greater reward? Afterward, I went grocery shopping; with the post-exercise burn still cooking, I continued to burn nearly 3 calories a minute just walking around the store. Walking the dogs yielded the same bonus. A 50 calorie an hour bonus for about 4 hours post workout.

Tangible explanation of EPOC: Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. -or a higher rate of caloric expenditure.

Other positives:

While I am the same weight I was 4 years ago, I am not in the same shape. I actually have more muscle mass, less body fat (though, sadly I am still borderline obese), more endurance, more body awareness. I’m physically about where I was 3-6 months into the program- and that’s the point where I started burning fat quite successfull

So the journey back to a healthy body fat level, healthy strength level, healthy movement should be that much easier. Today marks 2 months post-surgery. Much of the big healing is behind me -and I can start taking the endurance and strength challenges on.

Let’s get this party started.


3 responses to “The Truth- It’s bad but not too bad.

  1. Nice. Small steps, that’s the way. Keep your head up and it’ll all come together in time. I haven’t gotten far enough in your blog to know what your injuries were, but if I can do anything to inspire, motivate, or help you, let me know :).

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  3. Wow Deb – we have very similar experiences. Yes, the scale is not everything. As you well know (and don’t need to be reminded – I’m saying this for me actually), health involves endurance, flexibility, balance, strength….

    The calorie thing? Well, I was never “big” so that’s part of my never-had-healthy-habits thing. But I was definitely not fit LOL. Yes, I was getting chunky and it was very strange. And I looked up the calorie thing online and it said something like 1200 calories – EEEEEEEEEK! That’s an eye opener. I’m still not counting them, but I’m certainly more mindful.

    And I LOVE that you’re shopping and burning – you rock!

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