THE YEAR OF YES: Choosing to Live Positive

Saturday evening I was on Facebook, laughing at status updates, clicking on shared links, reading blog posts when I saw that a gym in Sacremento was holding a 2 hour Intro to Kettle Bells workshop next week.  I’ve wanted to learn about KBs, wanted to get up to this gym, and before I gave it a thought, told myself I’m going.

And told the owner-an internet friend I’ve wanted to meet for a couple years- the same thing.  His reaction:  NO WAY!  That is so cool!

My reaction: I woke up Sunday morning happy, realizing I had said YES before I thought too much about it.  I am looking forward to this class; looking forward to the weekend.  Looking forward to making new friends with like-minded spirits.

How cool is that?

It was then that I realized a response before I could think my way out of the situation led to serious happiness.  All I had to do was say YES.

So I’ve determined that this shall be the YEAR of YES.

Not maybe.  Not We’ll see.

The year of ball games, and camps and please god white water rafting!  The year of special sunrises, all night talks. Accomplishments and adventures.

The year when someone asks me to do something -or I read something great I want to do- and instead of thinking “I can’t” I will say YES!!

What will you say Yes to this year?


4 responses to “THE YEAR OF YES: Choosing to Live Positive

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  2. Great post! YES is so lovely and so freeing – I bet you like the KB stuff too. It’s funny how saying yes, doing something different can provide such a hopeful outlook.

    My Yes’s? Yes to 4 day weeks, yes to music, yes to outings with my nephews, yes to lunches with girlfriends.

    Thanks Deb!

  3. I love this! The year of “yes”:) As a negative first responder myself I often have to remind myself that good things happen by saying yes automatically instead of no.

  4. Love this, Deb — it’s a great way to approach life.

    Have I ever shown you this?
    We are people of yes.

    I wrote it on the Man at Burning Man the first year I went…it burned up with him, and I try to hold true to that philosophy at every turn. The adventures, they do follow!

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