Week of Workouts

This is not a normal week – and my workouts will reflect the fact.  I know that Saturday I’ll be taking a 2 hour KettleBell workshop which is going to put demands on my body-especially my shoulder.  So I am already intending to limit weight work on Friday and Thursday.  Which means Wednesday is a weight workout.  Tuesday, I’ve got a follow up with surgeon on shoulder, then lunch and movie so THAT’S a body weight day.  Monday is the worst day to hit the gym, so THAT’S a body weight day.  Sunday is weights.

So this week, only 3 weight days: Sunday, Weds., Sat.   And 3 bodyweight days: Mon., Tues., Thurs.


Core/stability warm up: Plank -1 min., bridge with leg extension, 1 min., bridge with knees in and out, 25 reps., bird dogs, 15 reps./side.  Repeat 2x.

Set 2:Incline Bench: 20#DB/skullcrushers 12 reps. 1 min. rest.  3x.  Standing one legged cable row -50#/lat pull-50# 15 reps., 1 min. rest 3x.

Set 3:Wall squats, 10#dbs/ stairs 2@a time. 1 min. rest 3x.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Stability Workout:

Plank (1 min); Bridge/leg extension (1 min); Bridge/knees in and out (1 min); Bridge with heel/toe (1 min); BirdDogs x 20; YTWI x 20. 2times.

Ball Wall Squats/legs out; Ball Wall Squats/legs in; Foot Pushes 3 direction; Step Up to Press.  15 each (side). Repeat.

Friday: Full Day Rest.

Saturday: KettleBell Fundementals at BodyTribe in Sacremento.  Where I finally get to meet my internet pal and BodyTribe owner, Chip Conrad!



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