Monday Movement: Inspired by the child

children playing in tree.

Illustration by EmIllustration

Today, I am going to do something that bloggers rarely do.  I am going to suggest that –for a moment– you step away from this post and your computer and try to remember what it felt like to be in a child’s body.  Sit with yourself -relax into your chair- close your eyes and let your body remember what it felt like.  Choose whichever age you wish- 4, 7, 10??- remember yourself on a free day and feel your body.  Go on.  This post will be here when you’re done.

This sensory exercise had one immediate effect upon me: I wanted to be moving.  When I did this, I became a young girl -undetermined age- alternating my time between the swing in our back yard and the maple tree  in the yard 4 doors down.  I could feel the bark on the tree, remember the steps to climb that first limb.  I could feel the not-too-humid early summer air pass through my hair as I swung.  I felt the pull on my arms, the push on my legs, the air moving in and out of my lungs.

I did not remember sitting reading-though I often enough did that.  I certainly didn’t remember watching television; I did that, too.  Those were not  “in the body” experiences.  When I remembered a childhood body,  I remembered moving.  My young body desired it as much as it desired air and sunshine.

Funny thing about this exercise: when I opened my eyes and returned to my current day body, I STILL DESIRED MOVEMENT.  No hours spent passively sitting while my body was not required to act beyond basic support for my brain.  I needed to get up and move around the house, the yard, the neighborhood.

I am embracing my childhood in a way again.  Daily I try to tap into that sense of movement again.  Simple. Graceless.  Constant. Fluid.  Movement not motion.  I feel it changing me on some basic level.

When you close your eyes and imagine yourself in your childhood body- what do you sense?  How does it make you feel today?  How can you use this to inspire you more daily?


One response to “Monday Movement: Inspired by the child

  1. Such a wonderful idea. When I was a child, I rode horses. When I close my eyes and imagine back to that time, I imagine the feeling of being on a horse and the power and grace of the animal. Such wonderful memories. Thank you!

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