100 Strokes update

Just a quick update on the 100 Strokes project.  In the 10 days I’ve been doing this I’ve:

  1. washed my hair twice with very diluted shampoo. (about once every 5 days).  I find I do not need to use a conditioner in order to comb through my hair afterwards.
  2. seen that my hair appears slightly less damaged.  Not much -but it’s early yet.
  3. found the process of brushing my hair just before I go to bed extremely relaxing.  The whole counting to 100 seems to reset my brain – turning off the constant churning that goes on.  My head hits the pillow and -BOOM- I’m asleep.
  4. My hair spends more time with the stringy-I need to wash it look than it does that fly-away, fried look.  But neither is exactly what I’m working for.

2 responses to “100 Strokes update

  1. loving this and LOVING how it all makes me recall marcia brady :)

  2. It takes awhile for your hair (actually probably more your scalp) to adjust to the new routine. I think it took mine about a month to really adjust to it.

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