March in like a Lionness

… Perhaps not really marching, but looking at the calendar, I couldn’t resist using the phrase.

I woke up this morning eager to be moving.  However, my achy hip is still limiting my ability to move much.  But this morning I had plan.  I headed to the gym about 8:15 am, walked past all the cardio machines (each one taken), headed downstairs to the locker room.  Once there, I stripped off my street clothes, down to the swim suit I had pulled on at home.  Then I padded my way to the pool.

The pool wasn’t quite as crowded as the cardio section upstairs.  I quietly eased myself down into the heated water (though not THAT heated) and started walking.  I kept on walking for the next 20 minutes. Something I have rarely been able to do since the middle of December.

I wouldn’t call it a highly aerobic workout.  Not that I could have moved any faster – when you’re neck deep in water the resistance is significant.  Not to mention that I was bouyant!  Most of the length, my toes were the only thing touching the bottom.

I will have to remember that this is a legitimate rehab option to keep in my bag of tricks.


2 responses to “March in like a Lionness

  1. This post reads like a novel. I can’t wait for the next chapters! (with news of your recovery, of course)

    • YY,

      Next week I ask my doc for a referral to physical therapy. This is definitely a case of tendonitis (tendonosis?) gone awry…

      Thanks for the comment on the novel… though all I really aspire to write is a short story or two.

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