Lunges/One Arm Press

Lunges are fabulous exercise because they work each side of the body differently, putting unilateral demands on the immediate muscles while challenging our balance/core/stabilization throughout.  When lunges themselves become passe – because they never become “easy”- why not add a bit more challenge but adding a one-armed press?

From a standing position, step the right foot forward.  While dropping into a standard lunge – right leg at a 90/90 at the hip and knee/ left leg at a 90 at the knee with the thigh and torso straight -press the right arm directly up over head.

Watch as your balance and stability really come into play to maintain a straight form.  Come back to standing upright, dropping the arm.  Switch to the other side.

This move uses your obliques, abs, legs, shoulders, arms – everything except perhaps the little muscles near you ears!



2 responses to “Lunges/One Arm Press

  1. Great, it sounds good for balance. I’ve never tried it with one arm!

  2. GIRL I still think we need you as a BL trainer.

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