Stability and Balance Workout

This workout is a great “at home” workout for anyone.   If you’re just getting into fitness, it will develop the support muscles that will make it easier to go further.  If you’ve been working for a while, this will still challenge you.

Do the first four moves for 30-60 seconds each, resting 30 seconds between each one, and repeat for 3 sets.  Then choose 4-6 of the remaining exercises to round out your circuit.  Do these one after another with minimum rest between.  Rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat one or two times.


  • Plank
  • Bridge
  • Incline Plank
  • Cobra


  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squats: wall squats, body weight squats
  • One foot balance-and foot push
  • Step-Up to balance
  • One leg squat
  • Ball chest pass
  • Ball throw down
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Side Shuffle
  • Walking lunges

6 responses to “Stability and Balance Workout

  1. I need to make my MIDDLE NAME plank.

    but we already knew that :)

  2. I added planks and bridges to my little workout this morning. The planks are *killing* me! But I find the bridges quite relaxing.

  3. Sharon,

    Glad you’re enjoying the planks. Everyone finds one or the other torture- for me, it’s the bridges. Yet they are so good for me.

    This whole routine (the 4 on top and 5-6 below) is at least a once a week workout for me and it kills. I sweat all over the floor and spray sweat all around me on some of these. Love it.

  4. Once my back is all better I’m going to focus on power moves. I’ve avoided them because of my creaky joints, but surely there is something I can do. I’ve always been scared to jump up on a box, by the way, so I’m going to start low and see if I can get my confidence up.

  5. Ya know, I hate Mountain Climbers so much (because they make me miserable) that I just might push myself to be a bad ass at ’em and conquer. Yep. I’m gonna do that. Thanks!

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