Random Items

#1. I spent the weekend along Monterey Bay with some girl friends.  My plans were to walk on the beach a lot.  My gimpy hip and the weather had other plans.  One very short walk was all I got.

#2. A trip to the ocean can still be appreciated even if you’re forced to stay inside all the time.  The waves created by the Super Moon were high and wild and thoroughly entertaining.

#3. We did not see the Super Full Moon because of the rain.  A good thing, perhaps, as one of the gals was threatening to moon the Moon.  Pale skin shining in the moon light might have been bit blinding.

#4. Today was another Physical Therapy appointment.  I did stretches for my hip and got some deep tissue work done.  For the most part, it felt wonderful.

#5. Sometime stretching can HURT.

#6. Everything is improved by doing bridges.  I need to 2 sets of 10 2-3 times a day now to help the muscles of the pelvic floor remember to work together.

#7. I am still walking like Festus.  Sorry if you don’t know who he is.  Maybe sorrier if you do.

#8. Pork rinds are fairly low in fat (who knew?) with only 5 gr. per servings -and 9 grams of protein.  They are also lower in sodium than most snacks (270 gr.)

#9. Over-eating for a limited period of time is not bad for you.  It lets your body remember what it feels like.  And it restores any depleted glucose stores in your muscles.

#10. You can safely live 3-4 days without news and not miss it.  I’m confident that if anything dramatic had happened, we would have learned about it on Twitter or Facebook without having to read a newspaper.

#11. I’ve never run a race, won a tennis tournament, golfed a hole in a one.  I have white water rafted big rapids, hit a tennis serve that could not have been touched by anyone (except maybe a world-class tennis player), walked 7.5 miles, hiked in mountains, gotten my feet wet in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and most of the Great Lakes.  It all counts for something.

#12. I have never eaten a pop-tart (in any variation) – and was over 50 before I ate a rice-crispy treat.  Neither appeal to me.  I’d rather have a donut or a cookie.  OR a steak.

#13. I’d love to see a game in every professional venue in the US for  baseball, football, basketball…and maybe a few random other ones.  (US Tennis Open?)  I know it’s unlikely this will ever happen.

#14. I’d love to hike the Grand Canyon.  But I can’t do it alone and haven’t found anyone to do it with.  I figure finding that person will be the sign to start seriously training for the day.

#15. I am a gizmo-junkie.

#16. I have never been able to hula-hoop.

#17. I love driving if there isn’t much traffic.  And I talk to the cars around me while I travel.  I also drive too fast.

#18. Wheat products give me heart burn.  I really should never eat them -but giving up stout and porters seems a cruel way to live.

#19. I have no muscle endurance at all at the moment.  Heaven help me.



One response to “Random Items

  1. I loved seeing all your FB updates too.
    they made ME relaxed vicariously.

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