April Challenge: Climb a Mountain

Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tamalpais

We all love challenges.

Challenges are the kick in the pants that keep us moving forward.  They change our routine, make us look at our lives a little differently.  When we get through them, we are often pleased that they have presented themselves.

We get stronger -mentally, emotionally, physically- through challenges.

With this in mind, I’d like to invite you to join me on a #ClimbAThon challenge in April.

One of the most hated bodyweight exercises around is the Mountain Climber -yet we can all do it.  Injuries rarely limit us as the movement can be altered to adjust to an injury or strength state.  Endurance grows with practice.  And THIS, my dear, is a challenge that lets you see your accomplishment in real terms.


  1. Determine to do a set (or 10) of Mountain Climbers every day.
  2. Count each single move as a 1 foot climbed up a mountain.
  3. Keep track of your “distance” for the month.
  4. Return here for weekly updates where you post your success.

Want to make this even more fun?  Pick a mountain – either a local mountain or one of the “famous” ones – and track your actual success up that mountain.  For example:

Mt. Tamalpais is visible from my yard -so it is quite easy to imagine myself climbing this.  At a height of 2571′ I would need to do 2571 Mountain Climbers in the month of April to reach the top and another 2571 to get back to sea level. That’s roughly 172 MCs a day – or 9 sets of 20. (each step counting as one).  While this sounds daunting, it’s actually quite do-able.

So my goal: do 9 sets of MC every day in April and virtually climb Mt. Tam.

If you’re interested, let us all know in the comments below.  You can play along on a daily basis by posting your updates on Twitter- use the hastag: #ClimbAThon.

Tomorrow: How to do a Mountain Climber, including some adaptations for the injured/weak and extra challenges for the super fit.


7 responses to “April Challenge: Climb a Mountain

  1. I think I”m going to climb that same Mountain! Sooo, one foot and then the other foot is actually 2 steps climbed, correct? I just want to make sure I do this right. These climbers are gonna kill me, but April is still gonna be a great month?

  2. These are my most hated exercise in the world. Which is why I’m going to do it Deb. I really really loathe these things. Like, wish a passion. Did I mention I hate them?

    The process may be agonizing but I’ll bust my ass and get up that mountain if it kills me. (And I hope it doesn’t).

    Nice challenge!

  3. YumYucky,

    Mt. Tam is a beautiful old Mountain that falls softly from it’s height down to the Pacific Ocean. Great choice! Sometime during the month I shall try to hike it for real and take some pictures along the way. Will serve as great inspiration for where we are virtually heading.

    Welcome to the fun!

  4. Hrm. Ok, you’ve piqued my interest…

  5. Oh dear – we have that machine at the gym – but I’ve never used it without assistance! I’m so short it’s kinda hard to adjust the handles… BUT – let me try and I’ll get back to you!

  6. Day one down! 205 climbs!

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