Mountain Climbers: How To

For April, I am hosting the #ClimbAThon -performing enough mountain climbers throughout the month so that they equate to climbing a mountain.  For those who might be unfamiliar with the exercise, here’s how to do it:


Line up in a similar form to a pushup -arms straight, palms under your shoulders, body in a straight line from head to heel.Hop one foot forward. Hop up again, switching legs as you do.

Continue in this manner, counting each hop.  Check out the quick clip at ExR. ‘There are ways to make this move harder: move your foot out wider or cross your foot over to the other side.  Unfortunately there are very few ways to make this exercise easier.


8 responses to “Mountain Climbers: How To

  1. The way to make them easier is just not to do them.

    How many are you going to do?

    • Carmen, I’m going to aim at 100 sets (each foot steps=one set) a day. When I break them up by supersetting them with another exercise it’s not bad at all. I should probably really challenge myself and go for 200, but don’t want to irritate either of my achy joints.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past two days. IF I were to do it, I would want to climb up to Spruce Knob, the highest point in WV. 4862 feet is 162 mountain climbers per day, and I would *not* be coming back down! I could break that down to five sets of 16 in the mornings and five sets of 16 in the evenings. But that certainly is a lot for this out of shape gal. So I’m still not sure. I’d say ‘I’ll do as many as I can every day!’, but without a goal, without a measure, I know I won’t do it. So let me look for a shorter mountain (It *is* Appalachia. Those mountains aren’t huge.), and I’ll give you a solid and enthusiastic ‘maybe’!

  3. You left out one very important instruction on how to do mountain climbers: Tuck your shirt in.

  4. Sharon,

    Having no waist, I NEVER tuck my shirt in. Why? Did you climb into your shirt?

  5. I’m basically pretty dang excited about this mountain climbing stuff. This proves it:

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