Dehydration Guest Blog

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon. I’m sluggish, a bit foggy-brained and feeling the fuzzy edge of a headache developing.

When you feel this way, perhaps you grab a piece of fruit or a cup or coffee to get you going again. Which might not be the wisest choice. Check my guest blog at Diets In Review for another take on how to cure the mid-afternoon slump.

Here’s a clue. It begins with this:

glass of water

Photo credit: Greg Riegler Photography


4 responses to “Dehydration Guest Blog

  1. I need this post.
    because I live in texas and because I am who I am.


  2. Niiice. Your article reinforces my issues with water. I just don’t drink enough. Call it lazy. And it’s gotta stop now. (I’m at 1312 feet up Mt. Tam, BTW)

  3. Nope. Correction: Make that 2,312 feet up Mt. Tam. I knew that first number sounded weird. I’m almost to the top!

  4. LOL – Way to go on the climbing Yum Yucky! And yes… you know my thoughts on water… I also think its a serious mood issue for me. I’m clicking away….

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