Spring Strength Camp

I spent last weekend up in Sacramento, attending the Spring Strength Camp at BodyTribe Fitness.  I need to write more about the experience as I process it.  Let it be enough, now, for me to say that if Chip and his crew are ever within traveling distance of you, consider taking the time to spend a few hours or a couple days learning how to play as an adult with them.  The experience is priceless.

I kept noticing throughout the weekend that we women outnumbered the men.  And that the women were AWESOME.  Strong, smiling, confident.  The perfect examples of FIT that anyone could imagine.  It made me happy every time I spent a second to admire it.  We Women ROCKED.

One thing I did not expect: decreased hunger.  I spent the two days eating healthy, but not eating a lot.  We all commented that we were surprised we were not hungry, and our Saturday dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant yielded generous doggy bags for the locals. I also didn’t feel as if I were hydrating at the level I normally do.

Perhaps it was a reaction to a different level of activity; to having our attention focused on listening, thinking, moving and interaction all day.

For myself, I found when I returned to my real life, I ate and drank in larger than normal quantities. Recovery, it’s a good thing.  And, when I have mentally recovered, I’ll be sure to tell you more.


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