Accepting the Challenge of change

Now that I adjusting to the idea that the hip thing is here for a while, how am I using this challenge planning a workout?

-I acknowledge that I have limited mobility in the hip. leg press will be for whatever depth I can manage on a given day. Lunges will only be supported. Wall squats instead of BB squats will be the norm. This does not mean never doing a BB squat-with sufficient warm up times, anything is possible.

-there is little effect on upper body workouts.

-core work is challenging because it is difficult to get up and down on the floor. Still, the core work is the most important work to be done in order to gain strength and maintain mobiliy until I get my hip replaced. Twenty to thirty minutes, three to four times a week is the new minimum.

-cardio may have to be switched to the pool. Walking distances is not likely to happen. The elliptical hurts to just get on. I have yet to find a comfortable but challenging workout on a recumbent stationary bike.

Workouts may be less frequent (three times a week) but longer each time (1.5 to 2 hours each) consisting of a short warm up, 20-30 minutes of core work, 10-20 minutes of balance work, and 45-60 minutes of full body resistance training, then time in the pool.


2 responses to “Accepting the Challenge of change

  1. SO sorry about this injury! Is it diagnosed? I know how frustrating a longterm injury can be (my ankle didn’t work for a really long time) but I know you are well equipped to make adjustments… hang in there!

  2. Foodie, It’s diagnosed as arthritic changes that require a new hip. I’m just not completely ready to pull the trigger on the surgery. Will seek a 2nd opinion for sure before I see what goes.

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