It Takes a Village… To Get a Shot

In an effort to get some more pain-free time, my orthopedist suggested I get a cortisone shot in my hip.  If you’ve ever had a cortisone shot in a joint, I know what you’re thinking:

OUCH! That sucker’s gonna hurt.

Turns out that the hip is one of those joints where it’s not all that simple to place the shot -and it hurts like hell to get the syringe in there.  As you unfold your bodies from the instant pain reaction, be assured they take this into account: they put the patient into twilight sleep, use a flouroscope to position the needle and give the shot while the patient is dopey.

Notice that this leads to another challenge: now it’s not just driving to the doctor, getting the shot and driving home.  With any anesthesia it is illegal to drive afterward (DUI).  So now the complex procedure is complicated further by the need of a 2nd party to accompany you.

I talked with the procedure scheduler last week.  First, she wanted me the next day at 7 am.  (WHO can arrange schedules that quickly?  I want to know.).  When I explained that -no, I was available but my drive was not- we scheduled for today at 12:30 pm.  The spouse took a half day vacation, but scheduled a meeting for early in the morning.  I thought we were covered.


Incompetent scheduler called -at 4:55 pm last night when she was leaving at 5 pm.-to inform me that I had to be there at 11 am today.  Hello?  That 1.5 hours may not be a big deal to her, but it completely fucked with my ability to get there.  The spouse was NOT available nor impressed with this last minute circus.  Neither was I.

As it turns out, Monday nights I meet with a group of friends.  Announcing my dilemma as a slowly rose from a chair and hobbled to the kitchen for some water, we brainstormed solutions from my getting there 3 hours early (someone was on her way there earlier in the morning), to my driving there and a caravan forming to pick up the car later.  One friend could re-arrange her schedule and drive me.

Plans set.  One person drives me and drops me off; the spouse finds his way there on his own and picks me up.


3 responses to “It Takes a Village… To Get a Shot

  1. I hope it was worth it! How does your hip feel now? I hope a lot better!

  2. sounds like a really pain in the proverbial. That said, I hope it helps!

  3. Wowwwwwww. I have worked in a professional medical setting before but I have never heard of someone effing up THAT badly, although mistakes happen all the time. How completely inconvenient for the patient..and irresponsible of the provider / scheduler!

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