The Army of Awe


This morning, there was a Facebook post from my friend DubyaWife:

Feeling fat. #ThrowbackThursday

I understood her feeling, commenting: Don't we always?

Then I thought more about it. Christine is one of the most vibrant people I know. She normally shares a wicked sense of humor, a crazy amount of energy, and genuine caring. How can her view of herself be diminished to “Feeling fat”?

Worse, how could I so quickly agree that it's an every day occurrence?

I mean, yes, I am nearly the heaviest I've been in my life – can you believe I spent the first 27 years of living too thin?-but THAT IS NOT ME.

I've read so many comments recently from friends who are giving in to feelings of worthlessness, of failure, of powerlessness. AND I'M FED UP.

I don't wish to be PollyAnna-ish… but why is that we are all so defeated by LIFE that we freely admit the negatives in our lives and forget about our greatness?

YOU- You are so freaking smart it asounds me! (and I've been called rather smart myself).

YOU- You are successful and energetic and I get tired just imagining your day! Yet, you do it, again and again every single day!

YOU-You are a remarkable mother and community strength. People rely on you with good reason.

YOU- You have overcome enough counts against you to lay low a normal person. Yet, you rise above.

I'm asking you to help me start an army. An ARMY OF AWE. An Army that reflects back the brightness, the strength, the caring, the humor, the BRIGHTNESS that we know exists in our friends and collegues. When they are in a dark place, we will be the light in the dark. When they are lost.. we are the breadcrumbs bringing them back.

Seriously, it's not that I want to deny that dark emotions exist. That we have moments of doubt or weakness or sadness. These are necessary parts of getting through life. But so very often, our friends echo back that they understand these emotions. They feel them too.

And we don't need help STAYING IN THOSE DARK PLACES. We can do that part quite sufficiently by ourselves. We don't need that reinforced. We need guides to bring us back to our better selves.

We need an Army of Awe.

Who's in this with me?




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