Monthly Archives: June 2015

Starting Over With Food Sensitivities

I was doing just fine. Really.

I had figured out little hacks to keep me energized and moving through the day. I was feeling good, moving OK, and every so slowly losing weight.

Then I got laxidasical.

It started with a crepe at supper in a restaurant. Grew with pizza while watching the NBA Finals. And hit it's climax with shortcake.

I started (again) with heartburn. Grew to an unpredictable dry throat and cough, then a runny nose. Included increased depression and lack of energy. And unpredictable bowels.

Yep. My food sensitivity was back. I honestly don't know what exactly I'm sensitive to, except that it's some element of wheat in baked goods. I can drink beer with no problem, so it's not likely to be gluten. But it's something. Candida overgrowth? Maybe. Doesn't matter.

I'm getting back to eating whole foods. Eliminating those things that are more than minimally processed. Getting much of my food from the farmer's market. And with the latest decision from the Federal government that removes the requirement of identifying where are meat comes from looking for a local butcher.

I'm back to digestive enzymes, probiotics, fermented foods. I'd just ALMOST gotten my digestion back to something close to normal. Time to reach again for that star. (amazing how long that takes!) Looking each food item in the eye before putting it in my mouth.

Damn, this thing is hard.