Monthly Archives: July 2015

Where Shall I Move Flow

This month I'm once again doing Heather Hurd's W00tYoga pose a day challenge on InstaGram. Each day, I search her feed to find the pose, then look for time to get the pose done.

Today, after my leg workout, I was looking for some gentle stretching. I headed out of the deck and chose to do a flow I learned several years at BodyTribe: Where Shall I Move Now?

I started in yesterday's pose: Mountain. A strong ground pose, its a great place to begin or end a flow. I stood there reaching toward the ground and letting my head float skyward feeling out where I needed to move from there. My hamstrings wanted stretching, so I dropped into wide forward fold pose we did the other day. Back up to Warrior II then into a supported Warrior III. I twisted into Scorpion (one of my favorite hip stretches) – even though it isn't showing in this series.

There were a few more Warriors that ended with me working on camel. I swear, I sometimes feel so very stretchy when doing this, but alas! every photo shows me stuck at the same place.

I fell forward and up into a downward dog, then finally rolled up into today's Salute pose. Ended hands to heart to center myself again.

Where Shall I Move? flows are not limited to yoga poses. You can add animal movements, jumps, skips, rolls, WHATEVER your body tells you it needs. Spend 5-15 minutes stretching your senses, and listening to your body tell you exactly what it wants. Then do it.

How do you want to move today?