About Deb Roby

In 2006, I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer and learned how to workout.  I lost 50# of fat, gained 12# of hard earned muscle, and became a Certified Personal Trainer myself.

Contact info: debra.roby@gmail.com



7 responses to “About Deb Roby

  1. Hey Deb ! I just found your website through a comment you made on Fitness Transform. Just scoping things out … keep up your journey !! I’ll be playing catch up in your archives. While I do one legged squats with a kettlebell on theother hand, of course. Duh.

  2. Hey Deb, would love to talk to you about BlogHer for real! Please email me: julieanderson@hotmail.com Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Hi Deb!

    I came across your blog and was thrilled. I have a crafting blog, but because fitness is so integral in my life, I can’t help but talk about it once in a while. I wanted to follow some fitness blogs more oriented towards weight training (which is what I love), but most ‘women’s fitness’ blogs are either about running or tennis…
    Keep up the work, and thanks for sharing your blog!

  4. Hi Deb. I enjoy your blog. My fitness level has looked like an EKG my entire life (since I was an adult). Anyway, when I blog sometimes it’s about the gym, mostly not. However, usually it’s funny. I would like to add your site to my blogroll if that’s OK. I’m looking for sites that I find useful, funny or just interesting. Thanks, Michele

  5. Hi Deb, nice blog, I look foward to reading more posts.

  6. I feel that Debs criticism of the abductor/.adductor and instruction to do lunges instead is not necessarily good advice for all those not in shape enough for lunges,those who are older and/ or with knee injuries. I am using the the abductor/adductor to ready myself for more strenuous activity so I do not further damage my knee. When I am strong enough to do stairs I will be ready to do lunges and high steps.(I am over 60 and have always been an active boomer.)

    • Ruth,

      I am a 62 year old woman with an artificial hip. I used the Yes/No machines at the beginning of my rehab in my PT clinic. But I stopped when I became able to continue working out in the gym.

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